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You may vote here for Shannon or any of the other finalists once a day through Thursday, October 6th. As a vet tech, that’s a problem you don't have to worry about. "Having worked at the Animal Medical Center in NYC for 41 years, my passion for caring for people's pets remains constant. What do you think makes a vet tech so awesome? Burned in my mind is an image of one of my vet techs who was helping me with a what it's like to become a tech or veterinarian, so your comments will be helpful for aspiring veterinary technicians and vets alike. A lot of people ask me on Ask A Vet Question about Did I miss anything? The Issuer makes no warranty or representation regarding, and does not endorse, any linked web sites or the information appearing thereon or any of the products or services described thereon. I love the silent understanding between you and an animal when you are helping them. Do you know what foods are safe for your dog? disgruntled about their bill or the fact that they need to wait for the doctor, or has other Have been a vet tech at The Animal Medical Center for 41 years and was given the honor of being a finalist in the Why I Love Being A Vet Tech Contest. What do you love about your job? My simple mantra for all these years has been to treat every pet as though it is my own. Learn about treatment... Infographic: What happens to a dog's body in a hot car. The entire content of this website is copyrighted by Ask A Vet Question, owned by Dr. Marie Haynes and is not to be reproduced, copied or distributed without permission. Vet Tech Duties That Aren’t Hands On With the Animals, How to Get Your Vet Tech Degree Debt Free, So, You are Going to Live with Someone New. career with a desire to see disgusting things each and every day, but most days contain at least one It's not as easy as you think. They’re also planning a fun, unique wedding for sometime in 2017! There are several things you can do... © 2008 - 2018 Ask A Vet Question. That’s one of my favorite things about working in the ICU, especially overnight: I’m the one who watches over the patients while the doctors are home resting and recuperating, researching and refueling. You can expect to work with an assortment of animal types and breeds, while also carrying out a wide range of duties such as aiding with surgery, capturing X-rays, providing anesthesia, cleaning teeth, gathering test samples, or compiling records. They know all of the tricks that can be used to calm a fractious cat. Want to share this article on your website, newsletter or with your clients? A vet tech can use their veterinary technician experience to transition into a variety of roles with veterinary pharmaceutical sales companies, laboratories, animal production facilities, zoos, public health organizations, and more. I work in the ICU, so patients dying or being euthanized is not unusual, but most of the time we have answers. If you're not convinced, take a look below at five of the best reasons why you should think about becoming a vet tech. Being a vet tech … What Courses Do I Have to Take in School? In the course of an average day, I may call upon a vet tech … The best part of being a vet tech … helping me trap and examine cats that are all claws and teeth and literally climbing up the walls howling and screaming. Hello Dr. Marie, Today is the final day of voting. My dog just started having pain today. Are you a vet tech? Share a personal story explaining why you decided to become a vet tech and why you love what you do 2. We created the Why I Love Being a Vet Tech contest to acknowledge their tireless efforts. Aspiring vet techs can complete an associate’s degree in just two years through traditional college programs. A vet tech will treat a variety of injuries, help with emergencies, and use diagnostic tools to assist with an overall treatment plan. And, when it became clear we could not, we ended his life with dignity, with his family surrounding him, and with my tears dried into his beautiful fluffy mane. Dr. Marie is a veterinarian who practices in a busy animal hospital in Ottawa, Ontario. Veterinary technicians, or "vet techs," are integral members of all veterinary clinics, whose certifiable responsibilities vary from state to state, but who generally work in direct support of a veterinarian's diagnostic and surgical efforts.While they're unable to provide prescriptions, formal diagnosis, or independent surgical treatment, vet … I was told that if your irishwolfhound chew his back paws this means a heart... (10846 views), Grade 5 heart murmur.

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