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To recap: I went into Advanced Settings>Networking>DMZ, found my ASUS router (it is connected to my WAN port on the ASUS) that was plugged into the HH 3000 and checked off the box at the bottom that had the following text. If you guys wanna bypass the HH3000 entirely, just get an SFP to RJ45 media converter. This page was last edited on 20 March 2019, at 14:00. I have a bell home hub 3000, what I wanted to do was like set up a dns using no-ip and then use port fordwarding like from the router I tried to port forward to my kali linux at the port 4444 but whenever I tried to ping the public ip address or the dns which I set up using no-ip am not able to ping, I tried to go through DMZ in the router and also enabled the advanced feature everything failed so could any one help me or guide me how to make this successful. The second thing is to disable wifi (the wifi performance is awful). You can modify the devices and blocked times for existing schedules: You can delete existing schedules by clicking on the "X" next to the schedule you wish to delete. I switched to Bell Fibe services after many years with Rogers. However, during my own testing, I did notice that packets would not be routed across the DMZ. Hey Phil i see at the bottom of the article it says this no longer works but your reply is very recent your saying you got this to work for you just fine? If you prefer a wired connection, connect one end of the Ethernet cable to any Ethernet port on the back of the modem. Just looking for some advice on how to shut down the wifi on the hh3000 and use the netgear for wifi? Is there any additional step I might have forgot about? Your email address will not be published. Disconnect all cables from your current modem and connect one end of the phone cable into the DSL port on the back of the new modem. With the home pods disabled and my MacBook Air wirelessly connected to the home hub, I was speed testing at over 300 Mb per second as per my plan. did you use your pppoe authentication directly? Does anyone know why it doesn’t connect at 1000Mbs? Using an ethernet cable (Cat6) from the home hub to my computer I can only get 400mbs when testing with speednet or the google speed site. “Advanced DMZ mode” seems to work. I am unable to find the settings for it on the login page of the Home Hub 3000. Logged into the Homehub Router and added the device found in Advanced Settings>Networking>DMZ (including checking Advance at the bottom). © Bell Canada, 2020. I wanted to activate the advanced DMZ. I plugged my ASUS AS87U router into the switch using the WAN port of the router. Open a new browser window or tab, then try to navigate to a website of your choice, if completed successfully the connection should now work! This feature delivers the functionality which is usually sought after in a Bridge Mode configuration while maintaining compatibility with service offerings and support capabilities. From your switch, you are connecting to your WAN port on your Asus. Does this mean if I put the homehub in a basement server room I can expect poor bell fibe tv performance for my upstairs tv? © Bell Canada, 2020. Worked! Sweet. I so far havent found anyone else with an HH3000 able achieve the bridge type of setup while maintaining service and firewall with their existing TV. Please let us know what we did well or what we can improve about this article.If you require assistance, please This means that I can conveniently move my receivers and televisions around the house without any hassle. Your current region: I have ordered TP-Link Deco X60, and they do offer PPPoE setup. Wait until all 3 LED lights on the modem are white and. For a visual overview visit How to create access controls on my Home Hub 3000 / Bell MTS Hub 3000 modem. When I called in for help on where to change channels I was told by Bell not to disable WPS (?) However, for my purposes, the benefits were not worth the extra effort. As of 2019-03-20, the modem supports all of the DSL speeds available from NCF (i.e. Netflix only requires 5Mbps per HD stream. © Bell Canada, 2020. Ontario, In our ongoing efforts to improve our support section, your opinion is invaluable. Manage your Bell Aliant Fibe TV, Internet, Home phone and Home security services, Manage your Bell Satellite TV and Mobility services, My services My bills and payments My profile, Mobility, Satellite TV & Wireless Home Internet. My Ubiquiti firewall just figured it out and did not require anything to be changed. I’m thinking to sell the Google WiFis and just get the Bell extenders. The ports on the HH3000 are gigabit ports. You can block devices from accessing the Internet at all times. I stream a lot on my TV Netflix app and use a Nvidia shield for entertainment. “The advanced DMZ feature allows a device to use the modem’s WAN IP address as its own. Do I really need that speed?

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