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It drops off The Beast in Upper Blackrock Spire. 1. It has a required level of 1 and item-level of 4. Edit: DMF was fixed to cover all skill 'levels'. Welcome to Wowhead's Classic Profession Guide for Skinning. Skinning Knife is a white One-hand Miscellaneous with a damage of 2 - 5 (2.19 DPS), and a speed of 1.6. Added in Classic World of Warcraft. Due to stuff like the Darkmoon Faire quests now only giving classic skill points (grrr), I'm learning to not just assume that something's going to work. This item is added in world of warcraft classic … Skinning can be used on … 1. In the Miscellaneous Weapons category. Always up to date. Thankfully, the +10 skill still applies beyond classic skill (i.e my Legion Skinning says 100 + 10/100). Before patch 4.0.3a, it used to drops off High Priest Thekal in Z… You can boost your skinning skill up to +25 skinning skill by wearing or wielding the proper equipment (and Worgen Racial Ability [Flayer]gives additional +15 Skinning). [Zulian Slicer] is a one-handed sword that adds +10 to Skinning skill when wielded. With Skinning, you will be able to skin what you kill. It is sold by NPCs. Skinning is a very popular and useful profession in WoW Classic. [Finkle's Skinner] is a one-handed dagger that adds +10 to Skinning skill when wielded. A Skinning Knife allows the player to skin the bodies of dead beasts, dragonkin, silithid, and (rarely) critters or humanoids to obtain leather, hides, dragonscales, scales, and silithid carapaces or chitin ([Heavy Silithid Carapace], [Light Silithid Carapace], and [Silithid Chitin]). Skinners specialize in obtaining leather and scales off slain enemies, found all throughout Azeroth. This white weapon has an item level of 4. The only equipment required for skinning is a skinning knife. While leveling, it is very convenient to pick up gathering professions, since they do not require much time to level. Skinning is often paired with Leatherworking, but Skinning also has uses with Tailoring and Blacksmithing.

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