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The radius refers to the curvature of the fretboard: Now your strings will feel “right” across the fretboard. Old-school Strats and Teles, for example have a 7-½ inch radius. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t work on your own guitars, only that you should know your limits, which in many instances are related to having the right tools. Installing pickups and wiring mods can be complicated, but learning to do common pot and jack repairs is almost more important, as they can save you time, money and frustration, especially before or even during a gig. Our luthiers supply includes Fret Presses, Fretboard Slotting Jigs, Fret Levelling & Fret Crowning Tools, Notched Straight Edges & Fretboard Radius Sanding Tools. Never turn more than an ⅛ of a turn. Any of the repairs discussed can be done with just a clean and level space. To complete all of the steps in this article, you will require a few specialized tools (listed at each step). Generally speaking, however, it is an easy fix and requires just a couple tools: In a pinch this can be done with a good ruler, but the right tools make it a breeze. If you can move the rod with light resistance, you can start working on the neck relief yourself. Get extra-long and extra-short screwdrivers. Having the right setup tools to get the job done is critical. Please check the fields highlighted in red. The length gives you the torque needed to set the claw, and also allows you to clear the body when setting bridge intonation. If you’re going to continue working on your guitar, they’ll be invaluable to you – you may want to check out the guitar repair tools article too. What Tools Do You Need For A Guitar Set Up? If the action is now buzzy, adjusting the truss rod is the answer. This will make sure you don’t have too much tension on the neck, and makes sure the rod works. By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the processing of my data in order to receive emails. Set Your Guitar’s Intonation and Action. Also, by knowing how to better set your intonation and action, you will also play better. The space between the string and the frets at the midpoint between the capo and the where the neck meets the body (where you fretted) shows how much relief the neck has. It will give you more consistent heating and better results; 30 watts is enough to work on guitar electronics. The wood needs time to react, Right to tighten — tightening will straighten the neck, Left to loosen — loosening will add more relief, Always loosen a truss rod first. Setup, Nut & Maintenance Tools; Measure, measure.....cut; New Releases and Fun Stuff; Crimson Pickups, Wiring & Electronics; Guitar Parts; Inlay & Engraving; Merchandise; Rasps, Files & Carving Tools; Timber, Parts & Accessories; Tool Kits; Guitar Plans; Gift Certificates; Kit Guitars. From trial and error, I found what some repairs were simple and small-space friendly. Most electronic tuners will do the trick, no need for a strobe-style tuner unless you are a perfectionist. I've been a guitar player for decades but only recently became serious about working on my instruments. If the note is flat, move the string saddle forward until it’s in tune, if it is sharp, move it back until it’s in tune. In my research, I’ve found hundreds of articles about instrument repair, and while many are fantastic and chock full of information that’s invaluable to musicians, a lot is impractical or requires more space or specialized tools than most of us have. Some techs will use feeler gauges to measure this space, which are good guitar tools for sure, but there is an easier way. Short screwdrivers are great when taking off pickguard screws or adjusting pickup height, and allows for better control and less danger of missing and scratching the finish. Required Lutherie Tools. Holding the tuned guitar vertically, as you would play it, test the note at the 12th fret. Setting string action and intonation also are tasks you can master at home, and you probably already own the most important tool: an accurate tuner.

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